Introducing Pancho Villa and the single Ramen Taco
Revolutionary hero, Hollywood movie star; Pancho Villa is back! This Mexican rebel has been reincarnated in the shape of an underground beat mastermind, and he’s now plotting to overthrow the dancefloor regime!
The creation of a twisted, tequila-soaked mind, ‘Ramen Taco’ is a strangely intoxicating house specialty with a hearty centre and lots of Central American Spice.
“La pista de baile es nuestro campo de batalla. Vamonos, compadre!” – Pancho Villa
(“The dancefloor is our battle ground. Let’s go!”)

Dean Facer
Organization: Resident Advisor
“This locked me into the groove straight away... fantastic release ! 5/5”

Igor Marijuan
Organization: Ibiza Sonica

Organization: Music Choice
Feedback: “Good stuff! Super hot tune! 5/5”

Lorenzo al Dino
Organization: Royal Plastic, Jockey Club, Tiburon Beach Club, Ibiza Life Radio Show ;
Feedback: “solid.”